Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I might not even have a bike....

So my family and I just moved up to Brisbane. It was for a new job and a lifestyle change

I tell you what with all the cycle tracks and running paths I am pretty motivated to get training again. In fact I am going to hit the pool today

The only catch might be my bike.

I had grand plans to carefully pack my bike before it went into the removal truck / storage....unfortunately I ran out of time and had to pack it loose....

Who know how it will turn up!

Fingers crossed


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Commonwealth Games?

So they are on right now

For those of you who might now know this is a 4 yearly celebration of what used to be the British empire.

Basically Australia will win close to 100 gold medals beating some god awful competition (as a nation we can swim but you know the competition is bad if we are winning gymnastics medals.........)As a result it is pretty boring to watch

Is this how Americans feel about the Olympics?