Monday, June 23, 2008

It is enough to make you drown

Due to my current work situation (and that is a whole other story......) I have a lot of spare time on my hands. Maybe it says something about me but one of my great luxuries is not having to get up at the crack of dawn to train.

The other day I woke up around 8 and thought it would be a choice time to go for a swim. The pool was surprisingly busy for 9am on a weekday. Most lanes were full and there were a lot of old women (think 70 plus year olds) hanging around.

Then I saw it, the holy grail of indoor swimming, a free lane। It was all by itself next to the deep water area (where they do diving etc) .Perfect, on the side with no one else in it. I dove in and started to thrash up and down.

I have a confession to make (my secret shame). When I swim I can only breathe on one side (to the left). If I try to breathe to the right I swallow a lot of water and start the drowning process

As I worked my way up the pool I could hear some music being played. After performing a trademark Szudrich turn I swam back with the diving pool on my left.

Then I saw them

Thirty 70 year old women doing aqua aerobics

Suffice to say I swallowed a hell of a lot of water during that swim



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You get what you pay for

It’s cold and seems to be raining all the time. In weather like this the simple pleasure of getting into bed watching a DVD is hard to top

After the shoes, bike, not to mention all the lycra I am not exactly flush with cash. Despite this I really wanted to buy a second DVD player. Hello 30 dollar DVD player from the supermarket.

Perhaps this was my first mistake, it is never a good sign when you are putting a DVD player into your trolley next to tomatoes and toilet paper.

Second mistake was to buy a palsonic....not a Panasonic but a palsonic....

So I got home, put the rest of the shopping away (you have to get your cold stuff in the fridge..) I set it up and, somewhat surprisingly, it worked. As I started to doze off I thought it would be a smart idea to turn the DVD player off. I hit the off button on the remote and closed my eyes and started to drift off.

After about 5 minutes I noticed a glow in the room. I opened my eyes and saw this

What kind of genius thought it would be a good idea to put an off sign on a DVD player? This is how the DVD platers stays when it is off
Cheap and environmentally friendly.....nice.....


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Almost a setback

My training has hit a lull at the moment.

A combination of the cold weather, crazy times at work and football means I have not been training as much as I would like. The goal was to train twice a day, at the moment I am lucky to get out once day.

In an effort to step up my training I got online, found a store in the UK and bought an indoor trainer for my bike (lets all say a little prayer for birthday money...this tri business is expensive!).

Basically the trainer turns a normal bike into a stationary bike (kind of like an exercise bike).

There was only one problem........ it took me over a month to set it up. It is not like I did not try. Every night I would take the parts out of the box read the instructions and try to put it together (emphasis on try). This thing was harder to build than anything from IKEA. The worst part was it was not like I could take it back to the store!

The situation got so dire that I had to ask my wife to help out. What ever masculinity I had left is now officially out the door (to be fair I have been considering shaving my legs..). Thankfully even she was stumped

In the end I had to get a friend over to sort it out.....

Good news it works and I am back on the bike. Now I have some catching up to do