Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting serious?????

The BRW is run and done. Highlights include

I managed to talk my way into a male race on the day (I am sure this was a massive disappointment to all the ladies out there…).

During the swim, which was in Sydney harbour, I went head first into some seaweed – at least that is what I am calling it

I got the swim wrong and had to back track about 30 metres….I was out of the water in around 90th place out of 100 (30 metres is deal breaker to me)

By the time I was off the bike I close to last place

I smoked the run leg. I started feeling very good and at the half way stage I decided to take it up a notch was flying (relatively speaking) by the end.

I passed some “proper” tri guys on the run....and almost everyone who was in my race. Who would have thought a short bald man with dodgy knees would be able to take on some of the glamour boys!

I am starting to realise that I lack confidence in my own abilities. I need to have more faith in myself and my training so I can push myself even more.

By the way I finished in 39:08 - 5 minutes and 19 seconds quicker than last time.....and I bought some arm warmers to ride in

Things are getting serious.....



Thursday, April 10, 2008

49, 44:27, 12.4, 9 and Man Woman

Hi All,

Let’s not even talk about how long it has been since my last blog…..

49. I went for a 49 k ride the other week with my buddy Alex. For those of you who know the Northern beaches we rode from Balgowlah to Bayview and back (kind of near Mona Vale). I have to tell you the more I ride the more addictive it gets. By the end of the ride I was swaying like a drunk and could not sit properly for a good couple of days (padded pants are just not that padded)

44:27. This was my time in the last BRW tri. To be fair I had no idea what I was doing or how to race. When I finished I felt good, probably too good. In fact I felt so good I did the race a second time (and I was quicker). My two favourite memories from last year were

I used a 10 year old rusted mountain bike. With tyres thicker than an average car. And a bell. Every time I got out of my seat to pedal the bell would ring. Imagine me straining to get this 20 kilo thing up and down a hill and all you can hear is ring ring ring. The only thing my bike was missing was a basket

I stopped in the transition area to put on socks, dry myself and change my shorts. I am sure if I had hair I would have spent time sorting that out as well

12.4. 400 metre swim, 8 k ride and 4 k run. This is the BRW corporate tri that I am competing in this weekend. I want to take 4:27 from my time this year and get under 40 minutes. I am going to play football the day before so who knows how I am going to go!!

9. 9 degrees. I went swimming the other and it was 9 degrees. It was awesome

Man Woman. The BRW tri is in waves i.e. you get put in a group of 100 people and you all start at once. Due to a stuff up with my entry I am in a womens wave. I will be the only guy out of 100 women…..I am going to look like an East German swimmer in the 80’s

Wish me luck

Greg (PS hopefully i will get back into the swing of these)