Saturday, February 5, 2011

So I got bitten by a dog

Most days of the week I run home from work. It is a lazy 2.5 run from work to my front door – nothing more than a sprint really.To keep it interesting I load up my backpack with as much weight as possible and try to get it done in under 10 minutes.

The other day was a typical pea soup Brisbane summers day – heavy on the heat and humidity. I was just around the corner from my place and breathing pretty hard when I saw a lady on one of those mobility scooters. I ran around her not noticing her dog…..which jumped and bite me on leg

Now to be fair to the dog what would you do?

A strange looking bald man, dripping with sweat and breathing very heavily is running towards your mum

Luckily the dog just caught me on the shorts without any major damage