Friday, August 13, 2010

You know it is not going to be your day when.....

Your umbrella springs open on a full bus spraying people with ice cold water

Off for a swim today to try and shake off the aches and pains from the city to surf. The other night i tired to run home.....

I was about 7k's in when i started to cramp in both my calves. Young Greg would have pushed through....older Greg decided to jump on a bus.

So i flagged down the bus and asked for my ticket (my stop was around 4k's away)

Turns out the bus driver had just done the city to surf and started to take the piss out of me for stopping running....according to him

- it would have been quicker to run than catch the bus (which was wrong as he drove like a madman!)
- I needed to toughen up....a fair point when you think about it

You have got to love Sydney public transport



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Results are in

So the official time is in 74.52....8 seconds below the cut off for the top group next year

NOt bad not bad at all

For anyone interested this is the run

Monday, August 9, 2010

A run with some company

Believe it or not over the past months I have actually been doing something

1. I shaved half my left leg (so I could strap my ankle)
2. I went for a swim so bad that an old man doing breath stroke almost overtook me
3. I did the city to surf – with 80,000 other people

The city to surf is a 14k run from the centre of Sydney to Bondi beach. After years of talk I finally decided to enter.

I trained a little and felt in decent shape before hand. Then I looked at my wave start.

I was in the walkers group. The last group out of 80,000 runners…...

As I was warming up at the start line a large group of people started to eat huge bags of McDonalds (with large cokes)

It was that kind of wave

Oh did I mention the guy’s running in full body stockings?

Anyhow the gun went off and I proceeded to dodge my way through the people in sumo and dinosaur suits to finish in around 74 minutes (not bad considering the circumstances!)

I was on such a high that I signed up to do my first half marathon……then I woke up the next day and felt how sore I was! Talk about runners regret….

Wish me luck