Monday, August 9, 2010

A run with some company

Believe it or not over the past months I have actually been doing something

1. I shaved half my left leg (so I could strap my ankle)
2. I went for a swim so bad that an old man doing breath stroke almost overtook me
3. I did the city to surf – with 80,000 other people

The city to surf is a 14k run from the centre of Sydney to Bondi beach. After years of talk I finally decided to enter.

I trained a little and felt in decent shape before hand. Then I looked at my wave start.

I was in the walkers group. The last group out of 80,000 runners…...

As I was warming up at the start line a large group of people started to eat huge bags of McDonalds (with large cokes)

It was that kind of wave

Oh did I mention the guy’s running in full body stockings?

Anyhow the gun went off and I proceeded to dodge my way through the people in sumo and dinosaur suits to finish in around 74 minutes (not bad considering the circumstances!)

I was on such a high that I signed up to do my first half marathon……then I woke up the next day and felt how sore I was! Talk about runners regret….

Wish me luck



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