Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buying Speedo’s is never fun

Clearly by wearing Speedo’s I forfeit the right to care about how I look during exercise. Therefore, swim wear shopping for me is all about function not fashion.

All that said trying to buy speeds in the middle of summer is not an easy thing. I went to three shops and came back empty handed

Shop 1

Sizes available: Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large (have you ever seen a pair of speedo’s that big? I would not want to swim next to that guy)

Shop 2

Sizes available: Large, Extra Large

Shop 3

Sizes available: Small (they were tiny…and pink….) Extra Extra Large

Here’s the thing I have only ever seen big fat guys in Speedo’s

Surely the big sizes would be the first to sell out?

Worst thing is I am no closer to a new pair



Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a Boy

Without resorting to clich├ęs (I know, I know you might be asking why stop now). It is impossible to put into words how my son makes me feel.

All I can say it is one of the best things in the world….and any tri is a synch compared to child birth

I am not a great believer in new years resolutions however I do like to set my self some goals for the year. My goals for this year are

Work life balance. If this is in place then I will be fine

Keep track of my training. I have started to write it down (it makes for depressing reading so far)

Train with a purpose. Do not go through the motions

And to improve my times (35 Min swim, Sub 1:30 bike, sub 1 hour ride)

A belated Merry Happy New Year to you