Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Attention to detail

Exercise: (Boxing Yesterday, 600 Metre Swim Today)

What is the saying? Prior preparation prevents pXXX poor performance?

Well I need to pay more attention to my preparation. From the moment I woke today up my training was a farce. Lowlights were

I forgot to put anything on my feet when I went to the pool (Strike 1)
I forgot to bring a towel (Strike 2)
I failed to put my ear plugs in properly. Hello blocked ear after one lap (Strike 3)
I forgot to bring any food to work (Strike 4 – Can you tell I am Australian without a thorough grasp of baseball)

If I am going to do this thing I need to get these things right - any ideas apart from getting organised?



Friday, October 26, 2007

Swimming in the rain

Exercise: (600 Metre Swim 17 Minutes – and felt pretty good!)

Today I went for a swim in the rain. Funny thing is the pool was pretty dead with about half the people normally there on a Friday

Were people afraid of getting wet?

On a random note I watched "so you think you can dance" last night – man those people can move! If I had my time again maybe less football and more dancing growing up



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How could they?

Exercise (600 Metre Swim 18 minutes)

In my swim today I was hit 4 times by other swimmers (twice on the legs, twice on the arms)

It is not like I swim that fast I just appear out of no where.

I am kind of like a truck on a freeway – you can see me in the distance and you know you are going to have to over take me. The tough part is that I am in the slow lane, there are not a lot of places left for me to go!

Back to the fun and splash lane for me....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It is never a good sign……..

Exercise (Boxing Class 50 Min)

…..when you turn up to a boxing class only to be paired up with someone who brings their own gloves (and is massive - i am about five foot 10 / 11 and 73 kilo's this guy is over 6 foot and must be at least 100 K's!). I knew I was in trouble when he crouched down displaying perfect technique stalking me around the gym.

He beat seven shades of you know what out of me.

My only hope was to wait until he got tired to try and get some revenge….considering I can not punch to save my life you can guess the result



Monday, October 22, 2007

Is Cricket Exercise?

Weekend Exercise: Cricket Saturday & Swim Sunday (600 Metres in 17 Min)

I am not sure where I sit on this one. I think cricket can be great exercise if you are good at it however I suck. I scored 4 runs and took 1 wicket…in z grade

At least my swim was better

But in all not a great weekend of exercise although I am very sore today and not looking forward to boxing

Friday, October 19, 2007

Swimming with Flippers

Exercise Today: 600 Metre Swim (about 18 minutes..)

Due to a lack of bike I have decided to focus on swimming. Where I swim there are four “zones” to swim in. There is the

Fast Area: Pretty much dudes in speedo’s and serious women belting up and down the pool
Medium: Almost the same but everyone seems to be hairier
Slow: My New Home

Fun and Splash: This is where I started – it used to be just me and the 7 year olds learning to swim.

Today I was thrashing my way down the slow lane when I felt someone lurking behind me, then overtaking – it was an old man swimming with flippers!

Whats up with that? Why not strap an outboard motor to your back? Whats the point of swimming with flippers? Especially in the slow lane!

Anyone have any ideas???



Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Confession

Exercise Today: 30 min jog with 20 sets of stair sprints

I have a couple of confessions

1. I am bald
2. I have competed in a sprint triathlon previously (this was VERY short)

There are 3 benefits to being a bald man.

1. Doing your hair takes next to no time
2. No bad hair days
3. People assume you are a good swimmer

Imagine how upset I was during my previous triathlon to find out swimming cap’s were compulsory

I wonder if I will have to wear one again

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Small Step

Here’s the deal

I am a moderately fit 30 year old married man who works for a marketing company

In a moment of male bravado (clouded by red wine) I committed to doing an Ironman Triathlon within the next two years

For those of you who do not know an Ironman consists of
3.8 Kilometre Swim
180 Kilometre Bike Ride
42K Kilometre Run

Sounds tough hey……..my problem is that at the moment

I can not swim past 100 metres without stopping (or hanging onto the lane rope..)
I do not own a bike
I have had two knee reconstructions as well an arthroscopy

So why am I doing it?

For a couple of reasons

  1. To raise money for Beyond Blue and Youth off the Streets
  2. I grew up watching the Hawaiian Ironman (think Greg Welch etc) and have always dreamed of doing one

I am hoping this blog will help to keep me motivated and help raise some money (feel free to give me some tips...)
Wish me Luck!