Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Small Step

Here’s the deal

I am a moderately fit 30 year old married man who works for a marketing company

In a moment of male bravado (clouded by red wine) I committed to doing an Ironman Triathlon within the next two years

For those of you who do not know an Ironman consists of
3.8 Kilometre Swim
180 Kilometre Bike Ride
42K Kilometre Run

Sounds tough hey…… problem is that at the moment

I can not swim past 100 metres without stopping (or hanging onto the lane rope..)
I do not own a bike
I have had two knee reconstructions as well an arthroscopy

So why am I doing it?

For a couple of reasons

  1. To raise money for Beyond Blue and Youth off the Streets
  2. I grew up watching the Hawaiian Ironman (think Greg Welch etc) and have always dreamed of doing one

I am hoping this blog will help to keep me motivated and help raise some money (feel free to give me some tips...)
Wish me Luck!


Alex said...

Greg was a god so is good inspiration plus he had spindly legs like you.

Greg said...

maybe all this work will finally give me some thigh muscles....