Friday, October 26, 2007

Swimming in the rain

Exercise: (600 Metre Swim 17 Minutes – and felt pretty good!)

Today I went for a swim in the rain. Funny thing is the pool was pretty dead with about half the people normally there on a Friday

Were people afraid of getting wet?

On a random note I watched "so you think you can dance" last night – man those people can move! If I had my time again maybe less football and more dancing growing up



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Deon said...


I have read through your seem like a very funny guy. I just about spit out my coffee when I read the posting about the flippers....the comment about strapping a motor to your back caught me off guard.

I will link to your site from my blog as well, and give your site a nice review.

In efforts to help raise funds to buy your bike, maybe you should post a donations link, and request people donate funds to help you buy the to paypal, and you never know maybe you will get that bike after all.