Friday, October 19, 2007

Swimming with Flippers

Exercise Today: 600 Metre Swim (about 18 minutes..)

Due to a lack of bike I have decided to focus on swimming. Where I swim there are four “zones” to swim in. There is the

Fast Area: Pretty much dudes in speedo’s and serious women belting up and down the pool
Medium: Almost the same but everyone seems to be hairier
Slow: My New Home

Fun and Splash: This is where I started – it used to be just me and the 7 year olds learning to swim.

Today I was thrashing my way down the slow lane when I felt someone lurking behind me, then overtaking – it was an old man swimming with flippers!

Whats up with that? Why not strap an outboard motor to your back? Whats the point of swimming with flippers? Especially in the slow lane!

Anyone have any ideas???




mscooter44 said...

Tons of benefits to training with flippers. Check this out:


Greg said...

I am still not convinced - as they were not moving that fast!

Alex said...

the guy was old that's why he wasn't fast. flippers help, try them.
as you're on a budget i'll even give you mine (which i've never used).
i don't believe in irony.

Anonymous said...

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