Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting serious?????

The BRW is run and done. Highlights include

I managed to talk my way into a male race on the day (I am sure this was a massive disappointment to all the ladies out there…).

During the swim, which was in Sydney harbour, I went head first into some seaweed – at least that is what I am calling it

I got the swim wrong and had to back track about 30 metres….I was out of the water in around 90th place out of 100 (30 metres is deal breaker to me)

By the time I was off the bike I close to last place

I smoked the run leg. I started feeling very good and at the half way stage I decided to take it up a notch was flying (relatively speaking) by the end.

I passed some “proper” tri guys on the run....and almost everyone who was in my race. Who would have thought a short bald man with dodgy knees would be able to take on some of the glamour boys!

I am starting to realise that I lack confidence in my own abilities. I need to have more faith in myself and my training so I can push myself even more.

By the way I finished in 39:08 - 5 minutes and 19 seconds quicker than last time.....and I bought some arm warmers to ride in

Things are getting serious.....




Brad Hunter said...

Great work Greg. Keep it up.
Maybe I need to hang out with you to get some motivation.

Greg said...

Welcome anytime

Swims at 5:45 inwinter are tough though!