Monday, May 12, 2008

Have I seen it all?

This triathlon business is a time consuming hobby. I spend large chunks of my day swimming, riding, running or recovering (to be fair I often spend more time recovering than exercising)

Basically I have a lot of time to think and observe. Some things that stood out this week

1. I rode behind a guy in skin tight stubbies. It could very well be the only time in my life I will say the words “can you please put on some lycra” out loud

2. One of the great pleasures (you could argue it is the only pleasure) of going for a bike ride at 5 in the morning is the post ride coffee.

I was sitting down having my skim flat white (two sugars) when a middle aged woman started yelling at the barista. Turns out he was not using organic fair trade coffee.

Part of her rant centred on how the barista could sleep at night selling coffee that was not made ethically, what about the children in Africa etc.

Funny thing is she was wearing a Chicago Bulls cap and a pair of Nikes all of which are made in sweat shops. I aint no Alanis Morisset but that was ironic

3. I swam next to a guy who was using a snorkel. In an indoor heated pool. Ridiculous.

Have I seen it all?



Chris said...

Do people really still wear Chicago Bulls merchandise?

Greg said...

Alas yes - i was going to ask her if she was an MJ of Luke Longley fan