Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You get what you pay for

It’s cold and seems to be raining all the time. In weather like this the simple pleasure of getting into bed watching a DVD is hard to top

After the shoes, bike, not to mention all the lycra I am not exactly flush with cash. Despite this I really wanted to buy a second DVD player. Hello 30 dollar DVD player from the supermarket.

Perhaps this was my first mistake, it is never a good sign when you are putting a DVD player into your trolley next to tomatoes and toilet paper.

Second mistake was to buy a palsonic....not a Panasonic but a palsonic....

So I got home, put the rest of the shopping away (you have to get your cold stuff in the fridge..) I set it up and, somewhat surprisingly, it worked. As I started to doze off I thought it would be a smart idea to turn the DVD player off. I hit the off button on the remote and closed my eyes and started to drift off.

After about 5 minutes I noticed a glow in the room. I opened my eyes and saw this

What kind of genius thought it would be a good idea to put an off sign on a DVD player? This is how the DVD platers stays when it is off
Cheap and environmentally friendly.....nice.....



chris said...

That's gold, I can't stand electronics that glow in the dark either.

Greg said...

It is a quality device....