Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Once, Twice, Three Times an Uncle

Does eating bad food and drinking count as exercise? (I did do some weights, swiming and a bike ride or two)

Last week I became an Uncle for the third time. I know I am biased but I have the most perfect nieces / nephew. The only problem with having such awesome kids in the family is that it puts a lot of pressure on J and I to produce a good un…here’s hoping if we have a baby it look’s like J!

While I did not exercise on the weekend I did go shopping for some more gear. My current helmet is old, borrowed and sits on my head like a top hat. I found a couple of helmets in my price range and decided to try them on. The geniuses at Rebel (I know what am I doing going to Rebel for bike gear…I was just looking okay…) had no mirrors in the helmet section

Have you ever tried to try on new helmets without a mirror?

Being a resourceful lad I decided to take a photo of myself with my phone. I lined up the angles and pressed the button just at the same time as one of the perky young assistants came up to help me.

The look on his face as my phone made the “camera noise” was one of fear and amazement

Once again I looked like a freak….



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