Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ever tried to swim with a hamstring strain?


It hurts. It really hurts.

So Sydney is all about World Youth Day. To avoid contestation the government telling people to avoid three places - Darling Harbour, Wynyard and Circular Quay

There are only two places I can get home from work– Wynyard and Circular Quay….and I have to walk through Darling Harbour every day……

As you can gather I have been able to really soak up the Youth Day shenagins. As I have watched I have wondered

Why does World Youth Day go for a week?
Why have I only seen middle aged “pilgrims”, no “youths”? Is it for the young at heart?
Surely the money spent making a pilgrimage be better spent as a charitable donation?

Finally I saw a man in a turban wearing a world youth day t-shirt.

Now that’s good marketing



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