Friday, September 24, 2010

On Compression

I love my compression gear…..but when I do use compression gear I believe in following 5 simple rules

1. Do not wear them if you are looking to improve your performance. Train smarter and harder. Wear them for the psychological improvement and to stay warm. Any improvement you get is a bonus

3. Never wear skin coloured compression tights. Go plain. They are a functional item not a fashion item.

3. Most expensive is not always best. I have tired a few different brands and have found my pair, a middle of the ground, suit me the best rather than the most expensive. Ask around and get a recommendation from someone

4. I wear them to stay warm not cool I have seen the “ice” compression wear around and I am not convinced. I have worn compersiions wear in warm weather and found I got too hot. Just not my scence

And last but not least

Do not ever, ever wear just your compression clothing when you for a run. No matter what time of the day it is, no matter how cold it is no one wants to see that. No one

What do you think?



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