Monday, January 14, 2008

See a penny pick it up

See a penny, pick it up…..

Exercise: Monday weights, Tuesday 30 Min Bike, Wed 20 Min Bike / Weights, Thurs 30 Min Bike, Today Swimming (700 Metres)

I am a strong believer that you make your own luck. Lately I have been working pretty hard on my swimming technique – keep my core straight etc. I figure even if I can not swim very far I might as well look decent doing it.

Today I was warming up with a few slow laps (try and imagine how slow that would be – I was almost sinking to the bottom of the pool) when saw what looked like a two dollar coin in the deep end.

After another lap up and down I saw it again. I thought to my self why not, and dived down to grab the coin. The only problem was that the pool was pretty busy, so when I re-surfaced it was behind the person who was swimming after me. That had to mess with them a little bit.

Bizarre thing is that I also found 2 dollars at the shops…..

Tomorrow I am going to take out the kick board…wish me luck!



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