Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never Swim on a hot day.....

Sounds ridiculous right?

Well not really when you are trying to fit in a bit of training

Last week was a fairly lazy one for me. By Friday I started to get a bit toey and decided to go for a lunchtime swim.

I went up to the pool and it was jammed – the lap lanes were full of people doing everything other than laps. Now as you know I am not the greatest swimmer, but I know my limits. Some things observed you should not do in the medium lane (I know look at me I am now in the medium lane!)

· You do not tread water in the deep end
· You do not “run” in the water
· You do not do laps floating on your back

All that was missing was someone with floaties.



PS When did I lose my tolerance for other swimmers?

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