Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is never a good sign

When you start pumping the tyres on your bike at 2:30am

The night before a race

Did I mention I was slightly drunk?

Or that my pump exploded around 3ish

And that I had to leave for the race at 5:30? Just 2 hours or so after I finally got to bed

Have to love having my mother in laws birthday party the night before a sprint! (it was a great night though)

Basically I was about a minute slower than last year. Some highlights / lowlights were

• For once I was strong in the swim finishing in the middle of the pack. In a new experience I was sitting on the feet of someone going at a fair pace when they decided to do breath stroke. Their first 4 kicks were straight in my eye…..

• My ride was okay but the course was packed. I did not get into a groove until the end of it…and ended up swearing in frustration at one point (not cool!)

• My run was tough at first but I managed to get into a nice groove. In typical Greg style I finished the course with plenty in the tank. How do I get the pacing right?

• Chris McCormack (Australian Olympic Distance Champion) was in the race. He finished about 14 minutes ahead of me….it just shows that the pro’s are on a different level

• No one is better supported than me. I had almost my whole family come along to see me for around 10 seconds!

Considering I have been sick for the past month, am a new Dad, slept for around 2 hours the night before and have not trained that much I am not too unhappy with my result….but it does give me motivation to get back into it!



PS Word of warning the more I train the more I post – apologies in advance

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