Monday, May 4, 2009

A kick to the face

I have slowly started to get back into training after the farce that was the sprint tri. The other day I was at the pool thrashing my way up and down the lanes when I noticed one of my eyes slowly filling with water

Now this is nothing new for me. I am nothing if not sloppy when it comes to preparation.

So I stopped thrashing around and re-adjusted my goggles but still water trickled in. I took them off to have a look.

Turns out that when I was getting kicked in the face during the swim my goggles got cracked

So not only did my eye twitch for the next week but my goggles are now cactus

The question I have to ask is

Is swim training worth it? Am I better off being at the back of the pack?


Eric said...

Swim training is so worth it. would it make sense to skip the bike training? Keep at it.

I was doing an Oly tri several years back and I took a fist to the mouth 200 yards into the swim. I breath right, guy next to me recovers his left arm during the stroke....BAM. That lip bled until half way through the bike.

Still worth it. Make for a good swim start story.

Game On.

Greg said...

It was a shock to the system (having been a back tracker for so long!)