Monday, June 15, 2009

The things we do for love

I thought after 6 months of parenting I figured I was starting to get a handle on things.

Turns out I was wrong. Kids have ways of challenging you which is far far tougher than any training session

If you had not picked it up already I am a somewhat unusual person.

I hate bananas

The way they look, smell everything about them I hate(a strong word I know but I do not know how else to describe how “they” make me feel)

The other day I had to feed my son mashed bananas. Whilst I was struggling not to gag Luca thought it would be a great time to sneeze

With a mouthful of mashed Banana

He covered me, well mainly my face. I smiled and laughed and acted like I did not want to run and scrub myself under hot water

You have to love parenthood



PS I have been flogging myself in the start of “2 months of pain”. I figure the next 2 months will make or break my season

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Tank said...

Couldn't agree more, I don't like bananas either.