Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is that what you call an omen?

Lately my training has been ambling along without any particular direction. To address this I thought I would enter my first ever running race the

Now here is the cool thing. It finishes insider the Sydney Olympic Stadium.....with a 100 metre run to the finish line. What a way to love out a sporting fantasy. So with my entry completed I thought I would go for a lunch time jog.

Nothing crazy. Get some k’s in the legs sort of a thing

After about 500 metres I had to stop, my stomach was not feeling good. Pre race nerves? Not likely as it is 6 weeks out.....

Bad news is three hours later I was throwing up into a plastic bag outside my 70 year old neighbors living room. Classy.

Good news I have dropped some serious weight and will be lighter on my feet



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