Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is it ever okay to take off your shirt.....

......when exercising?

Let’s take swimming out of the equation and I say never.

I never have and never will

While I was in the park doing some stair work (1500 up 1500 down...i will let you know how I feel tomorrow!) when some larger chaps started to do some push ups / chin ups using the park equipment

It was not a hot day. In fact with a strong wind up it was pretty cool...although to be fair I am pretty soft and find almost every day cold

After about 5 minutes of exercising they stripped down to just their shorts. And flexed. And preened. And occasionally exercised

You might ask why I did not move or look away. It is pretty hard when you are on stairs...




Shawn said...

Well... I've always left MY shirt on while exercising... heh

My husband was always the 'I will never take off my shirt' kind of guy, until about a month ago when he did a half marathon trail run. It was a grueling run and was 90 degrees outside. After the first half of the race he said 'screw it' and ditched the shirt. However, flexing and preening were the furthest thing from his mind at that moment - surviving was more like it :)

Taking your clothes off and wearing skimpy workout wear just to 'show off' is uncalled for I agree. But there may come a point when you have to stuff your personal modesty away and wear and do what you have to do to make your workout or race 'work'. I never, never, never thought I would be the girl crossing the finish line in a tight fitting tri suit, and yet... it works, it gets me through the race, so the rest of world is just going to have to 'deal' lol!

Greg said...

At this point i am just excited to be able to get back into training!