Monday, November 9, 2009

The 10k run

They say prior preparation prevents poor performance.

At 10:30 the night before the race I was still looking for my bib and timing tag....good job it was less than 10 hours till race time! Did I mention that I left my only working watch at work? There went any chance of a race plan

After one of those nights where you wake up every hour (and no it was not my was me) I was up at 5:30 ready to go.

Pity we were leaving at 7:30

As my wife and son were doing the same course as part of a walk I decided to get creative with my timing chip. Yes I was going to run as my wife.

After the trek to the Olympic stadium...about a 45 minute drive from our place....then another journey from the car park to start line....another 30 minutes...we had about 3 minutes to find our friends before the race started! No real stretch or warm up, it was going to be ready set go....

As we got to the start line it started to drizzle then really rain. I said goodbye to my wife and son and meet up with Ben (my running mate) to head for the start line.

There were around 6,000 runners – it was pretty weird running with all those people! At the 7k mark or so Ben decided to slow down...feeling good I decided to kick on. Before I knew it was running into the Olympic stadium and through the finish. As with every race I have ever done the real issue was the pacing i.e. I felt fine at the end and could have pushed much harder. I guess this will only ever get better with experience

I had my time somewhere around the 48 minute mark but it turned out to be 52.11.

The good news is that I finished 1,290 overall and as the 92nd woman in my age group.....



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