Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The bargaining game

When my head is in the right space I am more than capable of completing a quality training session...then again when I am not “on” the bargaining process begins

So what is the bargaining process? Today it started as I dragged myself to the pool.

I had planned to a one kilometer......then again maybe I would not do a kilometer....maybe I could get away with 800 the 25 meter pool....not the 50...

The worst part is that this goes on the whole time I am training. Sometimes it is a constant battle / bargain

Does anyone else do this? Or is just me?

Here is the thing – I managed to get through what I had planned and felt better for it.......

Hope you all have a merry Christmas and happy new year




Chris said...

I have this argument with myself every Monday morning when I wake up for yet another week spent at work. Why do I have to spend all week at work? Can I do it another way? Can I work less days? How long until I can retire?

Greg said...

I really want to retire now.....

All that said i have moved offices and am closer to home now (down to 30 minutes)