Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it just me.........

Or would you find the sight of a middle aged man sitting by himself in a communal spa a bit seedy?

Did I mention he was wearing goggles?

Or that he was sitting directly on a jet?

In case you can not pick it up I am starting to go a little chlorine crazy. Too much swimming not enough run or bike. I have constant waft of chlorine and have drunk at least 2 litres of pool water (this says a fair bit about my swimming style)

Last night I actually dreamt of going for a ride. It was a sweet ride, but to tell the truth I really struggled through it.

Only I would dream about going for a bike ride where I would struggle.



PS Lets hope the hammy heals sooner rather than later - there are only so many pool based blogs I can write!


Alex said...

i have a dream!'ve got the bug.
I'm proud my friend.

Just wait til you start shaving your legs...

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words. It does help to have friends out there in Blog land that support one another and check up on one another. I hope your hammy continues to do better and better. My good friend, and triathlete Beth Shutt has a lot of problems with hers, but she streches, and rolls, & does PT when she has to! Take care and happy training! Go for it!

Greg said...

Have you seen my legs?

There are not enough razors in the world to help me....

Greg said...

Thanks Kim

I am still trying to decide if it is sad that my life seems to revolve around a hamstring

IronTriTim said...

Hi Greg, the chlorine smell.. yep I know that feeling sat in meetings at work smelling of chlorine after a 6am hour swim :-).

For your bike trainer question to me, afraid my rides are not very exciting, normally they entail sat in front of a DVD or DVR and grinding out 1,2,3, or 4 hours of cycling. I know some people go with the spinnervals DVDs but for me its about zoning out in front of the TV and catching up on whatever I've missed (olympics coverage at the moment)!!!

Greg said...

Thanks IronTriTim - that is poretty much what i have been doing!

It is nice to know i am not missing out on anything