Friday, August 29, 2008

Six Things about Me (the self-indulgence post...)

Instead of bizarre swim stories I am going to dip into the self-indulgence pool (see what I did there) and write a little bit about me…….besides if you get bored reading this you can always fill in time by counting the amount of times I is used

1. Each post takes me at least a week to write. There are several drafts before it gets to this. Here is a scary thought; you are reading the final draft. Can you imagine the first?

2. I used to weight 25 kilo’s more than I do now. In fact, I was a cheeseburger off the 100-kilo mark. How did I get that way? I used to eat bowls of melted cheese. As you can gather this was not my proudest moment (or moments)

3. I am not the greatest friend in the world – you would struggle to find someone who is worse at returning phone calls. Worst part is that afterwards I will feel guilty about it then get too embarrassed to call

4. I have no idea how many people read this blog. I am sure there is some fancy way to find out but I have no idea.

5. I was definitely NOT a child prodigy when it came to triathlon.

I almost drowned at a school swimming carnival; a teacher had to jump in and save me. To be fair it was butterfly.
I did not learn how to ride a bike until I was 13 (I spent one school camp making excuses as to why I did not want to bike riding)
You do not get to near 100 kegs by being a good runner....

6. My lucky number is six. Whilst wearing Six and playing football I have torn my cruciate ligament (twice), broken my nose 4 times and torn a heap of different muscles. Can you imagine how bad my injuries could have been without my lucky number??



PS I was used 24 times (including at the start of this sentence)


IronTriTim said...

For me I write my blogs in my head when away from the computer and there are loads of great blogs, however when I get in front of the computer I forget them all and drivel comes out!!

Greg said...

I hear you!

What you come up with on the bike stays on the bike....