Friday, August 8, 2008

Well that's new

A quick training update - this week was all about the swim. My hamstring is still too sore to run or bike (if only it was a oneathan not a triathlon)

Apart from the hamstring I am now carrying another injury.

Each morning I walk around 3 kilometres from my bus stop to work. Being a some what brittle soul I do the secretary - take off my heels (work shoes) put on my sneakers. Now I can appreciate this is not the hottest look going around as I end up looking like a poor mans Jerry Seinfeld

but it works for me (actually looking at the picture you could make a case for me looking more like George)

The other day I had to get to the Opera House. Other people (i.e. smart people) would have caught a train or bus.

Not me.

This idiot thought what a good time to bust out a 4k walk. Regular readers will have noted that I am not the greatest planner going around. Of course this was a day that I forgot to bring my sneakers.

Again smarter people would have admitted defeat. No not me, and to tell you the truth by the time I got to the Opera House I felt great.
Later that night my shin's started to get sore। After a couple of hours I was in a world of hurt. As I sat there legs throbbing I could not figure out why I was so sore.

Then it hit me

My high heels had given me shin splints!

Well done Greg. Well done.



Alex said...

umm...what does cheese and wlking in office shoes have in common?

both come in "soft" varieties.

Greg said...

Fair call!

Only i could get injured like that

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I like how your blog is written. You have a great conversational writing style. The blog looks great and you posts are interesting.

Greg said...

Thank you for your comments.

It is always nice to know people read this thing!