Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indecent Proposal?

I have stepped up my training I am not where I wanted to be at this stage of my preparations but I am not that far off. I could blog about my recent training but there is not anything really interesting going on (to be fair you could say that about any post on this blog)

Instead I will tell you about something random that happened to me

I am currently trying to sell my car (anyone interested? One owner, good condition, low k’s……..special price for you…..) there are the ads on the net and for sale signs on all the blind spots of the car. The other day I drove out to visit a client out west (about an hour away).

So I was driving around the wild west of Sydney (lost) when a guy starts to honk and flash his lights at me. After 5 minutes of this, I started to get worried. Here I was in the road rage capital of Australia, with some lunatic on my tail.

I am not the bravest guy when it comes to physical confrontation, the only punch I have ever thrown ended up hitting someone in the back.

Despite feeling decidedly nervous, I thought it was best to pull over. I locked the doors and unrolled my window. The guy pulled up next to me and yelled

“What’s your best price for your car”

I told him $9,000

He said

“I will give you $6,000 in cash right now, but it has to be right now”

A couple of things

Who drives around with 6,000 in cash just in case they see a car they like?
How would I have gotten home if I had taken him up on the offer?

Less than 40 days to go!




chris said...

Where "out west" were you? If it was an hour away I hope it was at least Penrith, but knowing you we'd be lucky if it was Strathfield.

Greg said...

It was that close to penrith?????