Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The way it is

Why is this blog the way it is?

I train everyday, sometimes even twice a day (apart from that cherished rest day). A few people have asked me why there are not some more serious training posts.

Well I am new at triathlon and find it hard to offer anything on training programs. Plus there are some great blogs out there (like
http://www.everymantri.com/ ) full of good info

Instead you get my somewhat bizarre training observations like…..

I only like to swim in dry clothes.

When I go jogging I try to focus on my form, pace and breathing. The other day I went for a run and saw a dude jogging in the distance with two boxes of Krispy Kremes. It is safe to say that my form, pace and breathing went out the window…I just had to catch him. When I got him I was fairly puffed but it felt very good….although I am not sure how much of an accomplishment it is to overtake a fat bastard carrying two dozen donoughts.

And finally there just some things you do not do whilst naked in a change room

1. Stretch
2. Dry your hair (I know I am a bald man but why dry your hair naked?)
3. Drop things
4. Then bend over / squat to pick up what ypu have dropped

Less than 4 weeks to go!




Tank said...

The other day I noticed a guy drop his goggles in the changeroom. As I picked them up and turned to call after him, I saw 2 cheeks walking away. Understandably, I dropped the goggles into the lost&found.

Greg said...

That could be the most disturbing thing i have read in a long time