Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Day Another Injury

Exercise: Monday Boxing (sort off) the rest of the time resting

If nothing else I am an innovator. A forward thinker who is constantly looking for new ways to get injured.

Last week I decided to do a bit of cross training. I was hoping to wear my legs out to recreate the jelly legs feeling you experience (apparently) going from bike to run. I worked out and was feeling fine – slightly jelly but fine. The next day I felt a little bit sore in yet another delicate spot. Not the groin this time but the ass check. Normal smart people would have rested for a couple of days, then eased their way back into it

Not this camper. I went boxing yesterday and managed to strain the life out of it (which caused my back to seize up)

So now I have tweaked my groin and strained my buttock.

In other news it looks I will be picking up my bike tomorrow! An Avanti moza Road bike……

Now I just need to sort out my ass so I can go riding!




Alex said...

geeez attention to detail - its an ass cheek - we know you check yourself out already.
Also try Monza, it sounds faster and less Aussie than moza.

don't worry about the injuries, you're starting out and will discover all sorts of strange muscles but an important lesson is to know what your recovery cycle is. mine is 48 hours from very hard/intense bike sessions and day 2 is usually worse - BUT - you need to find your own and work with it and over time it will become shorter anyway. Top cycling coaches these days argue that improved performance over the long term (i.e. where a certain level has already been achieved) can be gained by improving recovery rather than increasing intensity.

Alex said...

3 time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond once said:

"it never gets easier, you just get faster"

Greg said...

To be honest it is one of the most "sore" injuries i have had!

Pick up the bike tonight.....