Friday, November 23, 2007

Mo Troubles

Exercise: Tuesday 30 Min Bike, Wednesday Boxing, Thursday 12 Minutes Bike + Upper Body Weights, Today Swim

I am big supporter of Movember. Anything that raises mental health awareness has to be good. I wanted to participate, and being a hirsute man I would have grown quite an impressive Mo.

When I mentioned this to my wife (who puts up with a hell of a lot…….like me and this whole triathlon thing) she said that she would donate what ever I thought I could raise to if I did not grow a tash. So whilst I am not actively participating I am a supporter. The other night I meet a friend for a drink during which one of his mates popped in. I quickly noticed he had a nice mo going on. I believe anyone who grows a mo deserves a little bit of credit.

I looked at him, gave a slight smile and said “Movember Hey?’

He looked and me with a blank look. Now because I am an idiot I said again “Movember Hey?” only to be faced with another blank look

Suddenly it dawned on me – he was a guy in his mid to late 20’s growing a Mo for no other reason than he thinks its looks good……

Also when I was swimming this mornings I saw a person do lap after lap swimming backwards using a kick board and flippers




Chris said...

Greg's word of the day - histute

hir·sute –adjective
1. hairy; shaggy.
2. Botany, Zoology. covered with long, rather stiff hairs.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of hair.

Chris said...

Correction - hirsute

Greg said...

You like that one do you?

Alex said...

i wanna see photos of you when you had the 'fro.

swimming with kickboards is all about leg and back strength development / kick technique.

if you kick well then your swimming will be stronger.

do you have a swimming coach?

Greg said...

No Swim coach yet....

In a month or so i am going to source one.

Funny i was reading an article from an experinced Tri man who said do not use your is all about the your legs....