Monday, November 12, 2007

Misguided Priorities

Exercise: Sunday 600 Metre Swim (I really need to step this up)

Every car park has a number 1 spot; it is the spot that is right next door, closest you can get to the entrance that is not a disabled spot.

Sunday was another cold drizzle morning – the kind of day where only idiots (me) and serious swimmers (one day me) go for a swim. As I sat in may car pondering why

I was up at 6:30am on a Sunday morning
I was swimming in the rain…again

I saw two people racing too then getting into an argument over the number 1 car spot at the pool (the argument was along the lines of “I was here first’ versus “No I was”). It was not like there was not a heap of spots around – some almost as close. As I watched the carry on a thought hit me

You are at the pool to exercise. If you are upset at having to walk an extra 10 metres from your car maybe you do not have the right attitude

In land mark occasion when I was doing laps another swimmer offered to swim before them as, and I quote

“You would be too fast for me”

Admittedly she was 70 and wearing a frilly pink swimming cap but it was still an achievement!



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