Monday, November 19, 2007

Equipment poor

Exercise: Thursday - Exercise bike 30, Friday – Swim and Weights…and rest all weekend…Today Boxing

I am starting to realise what a significant investment in equipment a triathlon is (simple Simon me is just understanding that you need good equipment for all three legs..)

As per the “Ultimate Training guide” (a mag for Tri People...) I need

Sunscreen - Check I am bald man!

A wetsuit - I have a pair of faded speedo’s

Spare Swim Cap - You need two? I do not even have one

Race Singlet - Does a wife beater count?

Goggles - Check

Bright Towel- If everyone has a bright towel then how does your towel stand out? I am going for a beige towel

Baby Oil - Apparently this is for getting in and out of your wetsuit (and no I do not have any)

Vaseline - I am starting to think I might be reading the wrong kind of list

Bike - Maybe by the end of this week?

Bike - Shoes What do you think?

Bike - Pump I have a foot pump does that count?

Helmet - Check (long story but I do have a helmet..)

Baby Powder - No chance

Running Shoes - I have an old pair which are in desperate need of an upgrade

Sunglasses - Do Aviator sunnys count?

Hat - Check

Spare Safety Pins - I am starting to wonder if this is a tri or a new born child? I mean Baby powder? Safety Pins? Whats next nappies?

Toilet Paper - Now I am scared



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Alex said...

forget what i said about co2 cartridges instead of pumps - buy a lightweight mini pump for about $50 - they work when you're in the middle of knowhere and you're in a rain squall at 7am on a Sunday morning.